Massage Services

30 min Session                                                                   $40

60 min Session                                                                   $70

80 min Session                                                                   $90

·        Swedish

·        Deep Tissue

·        Trigger Point Therapy

·        Stretching

·        Pregnancy - 80 Min with Pillow                       $95

·        Energy Work

·        Aromatherapy

All modalities above included in Massage Session

Luxury Add On

Full Hot Stone Massage for Only $10

Turn any massage session into Bree’s signature hand and stone combination massage. Excellent for tight muscles or warming up on a winter day.

Organic Scrub for Only $10

Excellent for dry skin in the winter. removed with hot steamed towels (Back, Elbow, Hands)

Hydrating Paraffin Wax Treatment for Only  $10 per area

Super relaxing treatment for hands or feet, exceptional for clients with osteoarthritis or clients with cracked or dry hands or feet.

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